A Pioneering Model of Care – Something that has never before been done.

The S. Donald Sussman EmpathiCare Village

When a loved one falls ill with a memory-related disorder, life becomes uncertain and care becomes daunting. Now, imagine a peaceful community where people with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory issues can roam freely in an open, village-like setting. In this neighborhood, daily living is based on each resident’s unique strengths.

This groundbreaking concept is the foundation for a $50 million, memory care village that Miami Jewish Health is constructing named The S. Donald Sussman EmpathiCare Village.

Miami Jewish EmpathiCareSM

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Nearly everyone knows someone suffering from the disease and each of their families must face difficult questions about how to best provide care as symptoms progress. To address the immediate need to care for individuals with dementia, Miami Jewish Health is creating a village environment structured on an innovative care model based on empathy known as EmpathiCare.

Miami Jewish EmpathiCare is the vision of geriatric psychiatrist Marc E. Agronin, M.D., an internationally-known author, researcher, and expert on Alzheimer’s disease and neurocognitive disorders. EmpathiCare evolved from Dr. Agronin’s desire to provide long-term care in settings that closely resemble home life. EmpathiCare-trained caregivers will learn how to understand the needs and abilities of everyone they serve and then purpose their interactions and care in the most empathic, respectful and dignified manner possible.


Miami Jewish Health welcomes your partnership in advancing our essential goal of becoming a world-class innovator in the care of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Your gift is the perfect way to ensure a lasting tribute and make a significant impact on health care in our community. Those who support our mission become part of a special inner circle with a rich history of involvement in our Foundation.

A variety of naming opportunities are available and a detailed description of the associated gift levels is enclosed, along with a corresponding map.

We look forward to speaking with you in greater detail and hope you will consider making a philanthropic commitment.

On behalf of the underserved and elderly we represent, thank you for your generosity.

Legacy Naming Opportunities


The Memory Care Village, a one-of-a-kind facility, is built around a revolutionary caregiving model known as EmpathiCare. This unique village setting will be named The S. Donald Sussman EmpathiCare Village.


The Courtyard serves as the connection to all locations and structures within The Village and is the most prominent and widely-used feature.


The Community Center is the largest commonly shared structure of The Village where most community events and programs will take place. It will house an auditorium, catering facilities, art gallery and administrative offices.


The Grand Entrance provides a beautiful covered pavilion and pick-up/drop-off location for residents and visitors and will be named The Edie Laquer Foundation Grand Gateway.


The Welcome Center serves as the main entrance to The Village with an area dedicated to educating visitors about EmpathiCare, its philosophy and function. All residents and visitors must enter The Village through this secure area.

(each) $5,000,000

The nine households are located in three, 3-story towers and are prominent features of The Village, accessible from within the Courtyard. Each tower has an opportunity for naming (see full map on page 20 of A Pioneering Model of Care for details.)


The Café is prominently located at the main entrance of The Village and will be one of the most active areas of the Courtyard. We intend to work with a celebrity chef in creating a brain-healthy menu.


Located in the Community Center, the Auditorium will be a widely-used venue for performances, educational lectures, conferences, etc. It is a flexible space that serves as an anchor and connection to the Interior Promenade and Art Gallery.


This corridor, with open views to the Courtyard, serves as an interior connector from the main entrance to the Community Center and Art Gallery with flexible space for events and gatherings. The Village administrative offices are located along its path as well as the Discovery Room and a conference room with library.

Heritage Naming Opportunities


This black-box-style studio will provide a space for all types of performing arts, including music, dance, movement, drama, videos and storytelling. The studio will also be available for small gatherings and programmatic group meetings.


The Wellness Center will house a spa-like salon and areas for rehabilitative services, massage therapy and physical fitness, all designed for the unique circumstances of the residents.


The Arcade offers covered pathways around the perimeter of the Courtyard with programs and services along one side and tranquil gardens on the other. It provides covered access to the Courtyard and other amenities during all types of weather.


Located next to the Auditorium within the Community Center, this flexible gallery space offers a variety of features for displaying permanent art collections as well as themed and temporary shows and works by residents and local artists.


Adjacent to The Community Center is a bright and spacious workshop which houses an innovative arts program where residents and visitors can engage in the visual arts: drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, sewing and other crafts. The workshop will be named The Gottlieb Family Center for Lifelong Creativity.


This serene space, conveniently located near the entrance to the residences, offers a place for reflection and meditation.

(each) $1,000,000

The EmpathiCare households within the residential towers will provide a homelike setting with living areas and private rooms for 99 residents. Each household is available for naming.

Commemorative Naming Opportunities


Residents and visitors will have the opportunity to visit what is a practical sundries shop and engage in a therapeutic shopping experience. The store will also have opportunities for volunteer jobs for residents and individuals participating in The Village programming.


The Residential Towers Lobby is designed as a secure welcome space with concierge service and is located at the entrance to the EmpathiCare Households.


An important element in the design of The Village, the Courtyard Fountain will welcome visitors with its soothing sounds.


Located at the west end of the Courtyard, the Performance Pavilion will offer a garden space for musical presentations, small concerts and special gatherings.

(each) $250,000

Located between the residential towers are two beautifully manicured garden spaces offering areas of relaxation. Each garden is available for naming.


Located at the entrance of the Interior Promenade, the Discovery Room offers a private space for first-time visitors to learn about EmpathiCare and the unique guidelines of The Village.


Located within the Interior Promenade, adjacent to the Community Center and the Village Administrative offices, the Conference Room and Library will serve as an area for private meetings and small luncheons.

The S. Donald Sussman EmpathiCare Village is the result of an extraordinary $15 million donation from financier and philanthropist, Mr. S. Donald Sussman. With additional philanthropy, Miami Jewish Health and its Foundation will construct this revolutionary village, the most ambitious initiative ever undertaken in our history.

The EmpathiCare Village

The S. Donald Sussman EmpathiCare Village will be guided by “house parents” who will help structure daily living based on the particular needs and strengths of each individual, giving them freedom to live as normal a life as possible. Residents will have open and safe access to nature in a contained village square where nurses and aides will not wear traditional uniforms and medical carts will be concealed. Residents will also be able to participate in vital and life-affirming activities that are not possible in current memory care settings.

Please join us, and Mr. Sussman, in building a better setting for those who need our help. Together, we will provide the very best care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Your philanthropic support, of any amount, is deeply appreciated.

Churé Gladwell
Vice President & Chief Development Officer
Miami Jewish Health Foundation
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